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Kamp Kewanee Streaming Video Archive

The first video was contributed by Hank Mosler '48. Filmed in 1950, this 3-minute video shows the driveway down by the messhall, the tentline, Hank's butterfly collection (do you still have yours?), a baseball game, and the waterfront.

The next video was created and contributed by Doug Bry '62-'65. He writes:
Last year [2005] I found the 'ruins' of Kamp Kewanee with my wife and daughter, and we shot a little video, now set to music.

The next four videos were contributed by Alan Guggenheim '69-'72. They were filmed in 1971 on visitors' day. Alan writes:
In the first clip, I am the one on the left of the tent when the clip starts, and eating candy later (I think those red swedish fish). David Guggenheim is in the next clip playing around with the other campers. (He is wearing a black sweatshirt.) There is a pan shot of the tentline. My dad is visible for a second there with his camera bag, then its a little blurry, but I think thats Doc Fleishman talking with someone. The third clip is of my Dad hitting some baseballs in the outfield, then some scan of the tentline and some Kampers lounging out.

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