Sandy Jo
March 27, 2020 22:06:34 (EDT)
Amen Dave

dave rutstein
March 27, 2020 18:30:35 (EDT)
Thinking about all KK'ers hoping you are safe and well. Wish Mary Wren were around to solve this medical problem--although a bit more difficult than cracked toes. All of us must exercise patience so that we don't become patients. Dave Rutstein

Moose (posted by WFIL)
March 22, 2020 15:08:04 (EDT)
Jon (Moose) Adland made these remarks at the 2019 Reunion:

Kamp Kewanee 2019

It is hard to imagine for me that in 2020 it will have been 50 years since my final summer at Kamp Kewanee. The images are still so real in my mind: the tents, the mess hall, the flag raising, inspection,... (more)

moose adland
March 21, 2020 15:51:28 (EDT)
Thanks Mike for the kind words and you nailed what the reunion means to so many of us. KK will always be a part of us no mater where our journeys take us. I hope we can do this again even as the numbers continue to diminish slightly.

Stay safe everyone.

March 19, 2020 22:39:34 (EDT)
The web site is back after a hard drive failure.


January 30, 2020 20:13:19 (EDT)
Mike Lowenstein sent this in shortly after the reunion: Reunion highlights for me [Mike] included: 1. Seeing old friends, especially the "Kid's Table" discussed below. 2. Some really moving words from Moose, befitting a recently retired rabbi, and some other speakers, that will... (more)

January 15, 2020 19:01:16 (EDT)
Lou Moskowitz gave this speech at the September 2019 Reunion: Kamp Kewanee was founded in 1916, in the middle of World War 1, five score and three years ago. Thatís 103 years for those that think that ďscoreĒ means something else. When Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg address, in 1863,... (more)

Ernest Urvater
January 4, 2020 13:09:45 (EDT)
At the time I went to KK I was known as Ernest Schlosberg, my mother's married name. I went to one reunion, which was in the year that the camp closed, but can't remember exactly when that was. What year did the camp close? I walked away from that reunion with the 1947 plaque, the ones which... (more)

January 2, 2020 15:59:21 (EDT)
Rick Vatz gave this speech at the September 2019 Reunion: My Kewanee -- Rick Vatz Greetings and Kee Kee Wah to all of you. This would have been a one-hour speech, but Bugs Melnikoff told me earlier that I could not repeat anything I had said at earlier reunions, so now it is about 5... (more)

December 23, 2019 18:07:39 (EDT)
Linda Goldman sends this pic of Foster, Bob Shoenberg, and me (WFIL) at the September reunion.

December 21, 2019 18:33:53 (EDT)
Just sent in: Mike (aka Barrel) Lieberman and Bob Sprafkin together for the first time since 1958. (click to expand)

Sandy Jo
December 15, 2019 18:51:37 (EDT)
Thanks , I am now living in Southbury Ct, Heritage Village, and one of the people I have met went to Dallas High School and mentioned that the Football Coach there had just reach 103 years old, that would be Bob Dolbear, will tell her the connections to Bob and Frank and Kewanee, hopefully he has... (more)

December 13, 2019 17:20:03 (EDT)
Sandy Jo - I think it was Robert (Bob) Dolbear, Frank's brother, who taught at Dallas High. Last I heard, Bob is still with us at age 103, living at the Village at Greenbriar in Dallas Township. The... (more)

Sandy Jo
December 7, 2019 19:20:32 (EDT)
Does anyone from the 50's era remember if HC - Frank Dolbear was a football coach at Dallas High School? If I remember right he had a son Trenny(?) who was at Kamp.

Sandy Jo
December 5, 2019 20:57:22 (EDT)

Steve Buch
October 17, 2019 20:16:05 (EDT)
Sorry I missed the reunion. Just too much going on. Downsizing at age 70 is not easy! Anyway I came across three LP records. I think they came from my cousin Michael "Harrisburg" Coleman. One has a yellow label that just has Kamp Kewanee printed on it and "Bob Stephens" written in script. The... (more)

Hank Mosler
October 2, 2019 17:52:53 (EDT)
Hello to everyone. What a great reunion, reconnecting with so many fellow kampers. Thanks to the organizers and speakers for the many amusing stories from our past. And Happy New Year to all. Please stay healthy so we can all see each other at the next reunion.

Jerry Adler
September 25, 2019 01:48:44 (EDT)
While the marionetteer in my video is not me (could be Gordy), Lew cast me as Dorothy and that sparked my career in entertainment (35 years). He also mentored my teaching (29 years so far).Thanks,Lew and Kamp Kewanee!

Gordon Lawrence
September 15, 2019 08:25:17 (EDT)
Thanks to all who made yesterday's reunion such a success. Special Thanks to Steve Klein for constant efforts. Fun seeing everyone!

Bob Sprafkin
September 6, 2019 07:29:04 (EDT)
I just caught up with the KK Knocker. So sad to hear of Pete Freidmanís passing. My condolences, Steve. Also, the video of Doc Kleinís memorial was a great tribute to him.

Sorry that I wonít be able to make the reunion - will be in Shanghai.



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