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Steve Buch
August 19, 2021 09:08:08 (EDT)
Sad to report the passing on 8/13 of my cousin, Michael "Harrisburg" Coleman. The last conversation I had with him was about Kamp and especially former Kampers. It was one of his favorite topics. I will post a link to his obituary when it is published.

July 23, 2021 15:54:54 (EDT)
a friend of mine asked me to list 18 large photos of camp KEWANEE counselors and some kids activities for him on ebay and while looking up the history I found this site and didn't know if its any interest for you. They are from the late 40's to mid 50's and are 8 x 10" and 11" 14"

Moose Adland
June 28, 2021 06:46:54 (EDT)
Richard Meislin died June 26. Alan Kaufmann called me. This was in the NYTimes... (more)

Chuck Half
April 28, 2021 14:57:02 (EDT)
Now that we have moved from Pittsburgh to Davidson, NC, Marilyn and I figured it time today to check out how my KK canoeing skills survived after being in storage for 60 years. My J-stroke still works well. No chewing tobacco spitting from the stern is allowed by Town environmental laws. Come and... (more)

January 28, 2021 15:48:33 (EDT)
Click here to see the Final Knocker article from 1968 about the kamp meets at Susquehannock (two of them there) and Camp St. Andrews. There are probably articles in the 1969 and 1970 Final... (more)

bill lenihan
January 28, 2021 00:51:21 (EDT)
Thanks, Steve Buch. The Susquehanna River is an obvious candidate, but the problem is (a) Tunkhannock, PA is where it's closest to La Plume, PA (15-20 minutes), but the river is barely more than a creek at that location, not the big mother of a river I remember from an away meet we had in 1969. On... (more)

Steve Buch
January 16, 2021 18:53:37 (EDT)
Re: Bill Lenihan's question, I went to KK way before you, but the two camp meets I remember were Susquehanna and Susquehannock.

bill lenihan
December 24, 2020 00:30:32 (EDT)
We all remember the Black vs. Red intra-squad competitions every summer, but there were also one or two one-day quasi-Olympic-like competitions against other nearby sleepaway camps. Does any 1968-70 Kamper remember (or has the memorabilia to research)
(a) the names of those other... (more)

Larry Rosensweig
December 16, 2020 12:47:18 (EDT)
My brother Donn Rosensweig - victorious Red Team captain and Honor Plaque 1961 - passed away on Dec. 9. He regularly attended KK reunions and always enjoyed reminiscing about his 7 summers in LaPlume.
On December 9, 2020, Cantor Donn Roger Rosensweig... (more)

Steve Buch
October 9, 2020 16:06:46 (EDT)
Had a nice visit today from Alan Monheit who just moved to Bucks County from Long Island. It was great catching up after 58 years! We may have seen each other at a reunion or two, but this was our first chance to chat one on one. Kee Kee Wah!

jack maguire
June 25, 2020 00:32:46 (EDT)
Postcards from ~1968-1970 (click to zoom)


May 15, 2020 14:15:20 (EDT)
I have just added another section to the website - the Knocker Arkhive. I've scanned and uploaded 104 issues of Final Knockers, Final Banquets, Kewanee Kouriers and more, for a total of 1589 pages of Kewanee history! Enjoy! Problems or suggestions, let me... (more)

Gordon Lawrence
May 15, 2020 09:36:20 (EDT)
As world events become more intense, our thoughts return to Kewanee and our summers in tents.

April 16, 2020 14:15:17 (EDT)
I'm sorry to report that we've lost another loyal KK alum, David Breakstone ('49-'54).

Serving as captain of the 1954 Red Team at Kamp Kewanee was one of his proudest memories.


Sandy Jo
April 7, 2020 19:30:55 (EDT)
Has anyone thought about doing a reunion on the internet?
Right now my High school class of 1962 is putting a ZOOM meeting together. We started collecting names 24 hours ago and right now we are up to 37. This includes people from the United States, and the Pacific Rim. With everyone having... (more)

Sandy Jo
March 27, 2020 22:06:34 (EDT)
Amen Dave

dave rutstein
March 27, 2020 18:30:35 (EDT)
Thinking about all KK'ers hoping you are safe and well. Wish Mary Wren were around to solve this medical problem--although a bit more difficult than cracked toes. All of us must exercise patience so that we don't become patients. Dave Rutstein

Moose (posted by WFIL)
March 22, 2020 15:08:04 (EDT)
Jon (Moose) Adland made these remarks at the 2019 Reunion:

Kamp Kewanee 2019

It is hard to imagine for me that in 2020 it will have been 50 years since my final summer at Kamp Kewanee. The images are still so real in my mind: the tents, the mess hall, the flag raising, inspection, all... (more)

moose adland
March 21, 2020 15:51:28 (EDT)
Thanks Mike for the kind words and you nailed what the reunion means to so many of us. KK will always be a part of us no mater where our journeys take us. I hope we can do this again even as the numbers continue to diminish slightly.

Stay safe everyone.

March 19, 2020 22:39:34 (EDT)
The web site is back after a hard drive failure.


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