How many of these faces do you recognize?

(If you can't remember, move the mouse over each picture and wait for the name to pop up.)
Alan Berk Andy Markowitz Andy Markowitz Andy Markowitz Barbara Loeb Barbara Schultz Bob Schoenberg Bob Schoenberg and John Gold Bob Schoenberg Bob Stephens Danny Lowengard Dave Rutstein David Loeb David Straus David Straus Dick and Joan Sundheim Don Erlanger Don Kann Ellen and Bill Half Ellen and Bill Half Ellen Lawrence Ellen Lawrence Felix Kaufman Foster Goldman Foster Goldman and Ricky Vatz Fred Half Fred Half Gordon Lawrence Gordon Lawrence Gordon Lawrence Henry Philips Henry Philips Henry Philips Howard Ennis Jane and Sam Straus Jane Bennett and Tom Garlin Janet Straus Jerry Adler Jim Margolis Jim Rabbit Spiegel Joan Johnson Joan Johnson Steve and Barbara Schultz Joe Ludgate Joe Ludgate Joe Ludgate John Gold Johnny Samuels Johnny Samuels Larry Bresler Larry Bresler and Johnny Samuels Larry Bresler Larry Bresler Lee Kalcheim Lee Kalcheim Lee Kalcheim Lew Klein Lew Klein Lou Stamberg Marji Philips Marji Philips Mayer Abrahamson Mayer Abrahamson Meredith Margolis Mike Corson Mike Corson Foster Goldman and Steve Melnikoff Mike Corson Randy Philips Randy Philips Sam Straus Skinny and Howard Ennis Skinny Ennis Skinny Ennis Dave Rutstein and Howard Ennis Skinny Ennis Steve and Barbara Schultz Steve Moses Steve Moses and Barbara Gold Steve Moses Steven Philips Steven Philips Steve WFIL Klein Stuart Fuld Stuart Fuld zz01 zz02 zz03 zz04 zz05 zz06